New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie Love Story 2020

Movie Credits: Stars : Uthpal, Sushmita, Anusha, Rangayana Raghu & Achyuth Kumar Directed by Jyothirao Mohith Produced by Venkatraj Bhat Written by Jyothirao Mohith Music by M.S. Mithun Cinematography: Hari Nayak Edited by Girish V. Synopsis: Neighbourhood boy and girl fall in love seemingly out of convenience. She supplies him free booze in exchange for chicken kebab. She also helps him by scratching his back when he is chained to a pole. Two songs and they are done (total 50 minutes). He has one more love story with another neighbour. They interact through their bathroom windows. Two songs later, she disappears (another 50 minutes). In between there are two more scenes involving Rangayana Raghu that feels worse than scratching fingernails on a black board (30 minutes). The remaining time is taken by a unnecessary fight and ghosts that appear out of the blue. The scenes compete among themselves to scare away the audience out of the theatre.

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