Lukamari is 2016 crime action film written and directed by Shree Ram Dahal. The film stars Saugat Malla, Karma Shakya, Bikram Singh Tharu, Surabina Karki, and Rista Basnet in lead roles. The film is slightly based on Khyati Shrestha murder case of 2009. The movie is regarded as one of the best movies ever created in Nepalese film industry. It is counted among the revolutionary movies like Loot, Kabaddi, etc. made in mid 2010’s in Nepal which are credited for introducing a new way of movie making in Nepal. The movie is made special by very special role of Saugat Malla and the best role played by Karma Shakya in his entire film career till date as claimed by critics and audience. Unfortunately the movie had to clash with very much anticipated Bollywood movie that year by Salman Khan named ‘Sultan’ which occupied the major portion of screen and audience attention in Nepal. So it did a lot less income than the movie deserved and than producers expected. But all the movie viewers claim the movie to be a true gem for Nepalese Movie Industry and the IMDB rating of the movie also gives a similar idea

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